Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

Seconday Healthcare Modular Buildings

To deliver the NHS (National Health Services) Long Term Plan, continued investment in Secondary Healthcare is a critical priority commitment that underpins the delivery of modern healthcare services. With several key funding announcements made to achieve this, Secondary Healthcare is looking at Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) as the key pathway to delivering both the challenge of transforming the delivery of NHS healthcare infrastructure and creating a wider, modern, agile and resilient infrastructure that’s Fit-for-the-Future through significant Capital Investment and national initiatives such as the New Hospital Programme (NHP).

At the same time the impact on elective care from the backlog of the COVID-19 pandemic has further led to unprecedented pressure on healthcare systems. As of February 2022, six million people are now on the waiting list, up from 4.4 million before the pandemic (Delivery plan for the tackling the COVID-19 backlog of elective care) with many patients now waiting longer for treatment than they were before the pandemic began. The NHS is addressing this unparalleled challenge through:

  • Increasing health service capacity, through the expansion and separation of elective and diagnostic service capacity. The physical separation of elective from urgent and emergency services ensures the resilience of elective delivery, as well as providing service efficiency. This will include a strengthened relationship with independent sector providers to accelerate recovery.
  • Prioritising diagnosis and treatment, including a return towards delivery of the six-week diagnostic standard and reducing the maximum length of time that patients wait for elective care and treatment.
  • Transforming the way, they provide elective care; for example, by reforming the way the NHS deliver outpatient appointments, making it more flexible for patients and driven by a focus on clinical risk and need, and increasing activity through dedicated and protected surgical hubs.
  • Providing better information and support to patients, supported by better data and information to help inform patient decisions, and in time, making greater use of the NHS App to better manage appointments, bookings and the sharing of information. The NHS will ensure patients have choice at the point of referral, and this enhanced for long-waiting patients through a national hub model.

Working with NHS Trusts through deep partnerships, Darwin Group has been able to offer innovative next-generation volumetric secondary healthcare modular buildings solutions that meet the challenges of creating a Fit-for-the-Future estate. Delivering a portfolio of secondary healthcare projects on-time across NHS England and NHS Wales, we have become the leading healthcare design and build modern methods of construction (MMC) main contractor.

Fully aligned to a Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach and employing our volumetric next-generation secondary healthcare modular buildings, that are manufactured off-site at our Shropshire based factory we can offer efficiencies previously not achievable through conventional builds. Once installed, we employ efficient, onsite ‘specialist-fit-out’ techniques to create a bespoke best of breed building, enabling you to commission exactly what you require and expect, unrestricted by traditional modular build or the length of time of a conventional one. Our innovative, Fit-for-the-Future, building technologies are completely adaptable, allowing easy, cost-effective reconfiguration as the future health needs of our communities change.

Explore just some of the examples of our future-proof secondary healthcare modular buildings below and discover why with Darwin Group, we are Construction… Evolved.

Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

General Acute and Critical Care Wards Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

From decant wards to long-term bed availability and occupancy planning, our General Acute and Critical Care Secondary Health Care Modular Buildings provide an innovative solution when new ward accommodation is required.

From single accommodation en-suite ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and Acute rooms to 4+ occupancy wards, our repeatable room designs offer best practice design and are fully compliant to HTM and HBN. Darwin Group can design and build a 2,000m2 – 12,000+m2 General Acute and Critical Wards Secondary Healthcare Modular Building that provides you a resilient and sustainable solution to a modern agile infrastructure through innovation and efficiencies.

Ultra-Clean and General Theatres Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

Offering Emergency Surgery, Trauma and Orthopaedics, General, Gynaecological, as well as a host of other services to inpatients and day patients the use of Ultra-Clean and General Theatres provides the safest, most modern surroundings, with high quality care and treatment.

At Darwin Group our Ultra-Clean and General Theatres Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings can be incorporated into fully self-sufficient, specialist centres, or as dedicated multi-unit additions to increase the capacity of the NHS Trust. Designed and built using our own next-generation volumetric modular buildings, we offer a best of breed final unit featuring future-proof modern methods of construction matched with ‘traditional’ fit-out methods to HBN and HTM standards.

Elective Care Hubs Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

The NHS plans to eliminate waits of longer than a year for elective care by March 2025, in order to achieve this the creation of new elective care hubs is a key enabler to achieving this metric. The hubs will focus on high-volume routine surgery so more patients can get seen more quickly.

With a minimum 60-year design life our Elective Care Hubs Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings provide a fast-track approach to alleviating the backlog. Offering a best of breed design and build fully aligned to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC), our Elective Care Hubs offer the flexibility to match the evolving pressures on the NHS.

Pathology Laboratories Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

Creating pathology networks through hub and spoke networks is a key enabler of the ambitions outlined in the Long Term Plan. Bringing together clinical expertise, pathology services will become more efficient in order to deliver better value, high quality care for patients.

Providing dedicated modular pathology laboratories is a solution that allows an agile approach to provide increased capacity for testing across NHS estates as part of the wider pathology network.

Key Worker Accommodation and Learning Centres Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings

With the Government commitment to add 50,000 new nurses and additional doctors to the NHS and the 2022/23 priorities and operational planning guidance seeking to ensure the safety and well being of all NHS Staff the requirement for key worker accommodation and learning centres is at a high across NHS Estates.

Having design and built several accommodation and education projects, our volumetric modular accommodation buildings offer the next-generation in Key Worker Accommodation and Learning Centres Secondary Healthcare Modular Buildings.

Key Worker Accommodation Healthcare Modular Building Key Worker Accommodation Healthcare Modular Building Key Worker Accommodation Healthcare Modular Building Key Worker Accommodation Healthcare Modular Building