Housing and Accommodation

Darwin Group is on a mission to change the way that the UK builds housing and accommodation. We can provide high-quality, affordable social housing, halls of residence, rough-sleeper accommodation and emergency housing in a fraction of the time that traditional methods of construction would take.

When housing is needed quickly and on a tight budget, our offsite construction methods deliver outstanding modular residential buildings, never compromising on our high standards. Through the use of our innovative modern methods of construction, we can complete a high proportion of each project offsite in our Shrewsbury-based factory, delivering and installing modular elements onsite with minimal disruption and noise for the local community.

We aim to make life easier for our clients by providing a complete turnkey solution, handling every stage of the process for you. As we run every stage of the project, we’re in control of timescales and budgets to ensure that everything is delivered when you expect it, on budget and to an exceptional standard.

The Darwin Group team can provide:

  • Delivery of all stages of the project, including design, construction and fit-out of accommodation
  • Compliance with all statutory and Homes England and GLA performance and space standards
  • Considerably shorter timescales for builds when compared with traditional construction methods
  • Buildings with industry-leading thermal efficiency, making use of innovative and sustainable technologies
  • Low running costs, significantly reduced embodied carbon and almost zero waste
  • Highly flexible building solutions, allowing complete adaptability through the building’s life
  • Building control, type approval with a design life of 60+ years
  • Support with funding options and procurement routes

Working with one of the largest social housing providers in the Midlands, Darwin Group delivered four semi-detached houses, the first modular housing in Shropshire. This project was delivered with almost all internal fit-out works and external facades completed in our highly efficient manufacturing facility, leaving minimal finishing off once installed onsite, in a little over a week.

David Hall, Head of Property at The Wrekin Housing Trust said in relation to the development; “With a housing shortage, both locally and nationally, the trust commissioned the installation of these modular buildings to demonstrate innovation in tackling the problem. We’re really proud of this development and I think this time-lapse video gives a great insight into how modular houses can be installed efficiently while maintaining the quality you get with traditional houses.”

Darwin Group also partnered with the Salvation Army and LB Redbridge to deliver “Project Malachi”. Named after the 10-year-old boy whose tooth fairy money was the first contribution to the scheme, this turn-key solution created a new, four-storey, 42 studio apartment solution for the homeless was delivered on an incredibly tight site in Ilford, London in less than 16 weeks.

The leader of Redbridge Council, Councillor Jas Athwal, said; “It is fantastic that Malachi Place is now up and running – a ground-breaking joint initiative to help tackle homelessness for those with no recourse to public funds.”