Elizabeth Jenkins

Commercial Manager

Elizabeth manages the commercial entity of one of Darwin’s project teams. Her role is to ensure that all procurement and contractual procedures are efficiently and effectively undertaken to meet the desired criteria, specification and programme; providing a link between clients and the commercial department. Having worked in the commercial sector since graduating, she has benefited from experiencing multiple levels of commerciality and management across varying scales through both family and global business networks. Since joining the company in 2018, Elizabeth has worked on numerous projects across the educational, healthcare and charity sectors.

“My proudest moment was seeing the impact that a young boy named Malachi had on the homeless population of Ilford. Malachi donated his tooth fairy money to Salvation Army along with a dream of building an accommodation shelter to house the homeless on the streets of Ilford. With a top up from Redbridge Council, this dream was made a reality with Darwin Group’s modular accommodation block now housing many.”

Elizabeth Jenkins - Commercial Manager