Alastair Pryce

Head of Programme – Production

For eight years, Ali moved through a variety of roles and different deployments as a soldier within the Royal Engineers, where he gained key skills in communication, organisation and leadership. After leaving the forces, he found a new challenge at Darwin Group Ltd as a yard operative for the manufacturing side of the company. It wasn’t long before he found his military background was useful in helping to organise small areas and processes.

After working with the team to implement improvements to the overall operation, Ali brought his ground-level knowledge of the work in a new role as yard foreman. His success in this role saw him promoted to assistant site manager for the project delivery side of the company for a number of years. Ali took his experience of project delivery with him when he moved back to an administrative role in manufacturing, progressing from materials controller, production coordinator, programme manager up to head of programme.

Working on both sides of the company, and from the bottom up, has given Ali invaluable experience and perspective that allows him to be an efficient, effective and delivery-focused part of the company.

“My proudest moment within Darwin Group is stepping into a role to lead operations, having worked my way up from ground-level. Being in the role when manufacturing and delivering Covid 19 wards, within very tight timescales, to help the country in its response to the pandemic is something I will never forget.”


Ali Pryce