About Us

Darwin Group Ltd specialises in off-site construction projects for the health, education and wider public sector. Using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and solely sustainable materials, Darwin Group has the ability to fast-track construction projects, delivering a high-quality product at pace.

Using a truly unique turnkey service that covers all stages of design, architectural technicians, engineering and construction from start to finish, Darwin Group provides a swift, seamless and cost-effective solution for its clients. We firmly believe that offsite construction is the future of the industry and we’re dedicated to demonstrating the many reasons why modular builds are superior to traditional construction options.

Our Story

Founded in 2006, Darwin Group Ltd is a British, family-run business and with more than five decades worth of industry experience. Husband and wife team Richard and Lesley Pierce along with three of their six children, Richard Jnr, Jim and Charles all work for the company full-time managing a workforce of hundreds of employees who operate from its head office based in Shrewsbury.

Darwin Group provides a bespoke service with quality and longevity sitting at the heart of every project. Our team of skilled experts are passionate and driven to find innovative solutions – we are continually breaking the mould when it comes to MMC and as a result have developed new systems and techniques that have redefined what is achievable within a tight budget and timescale. We pride ourselves on high levels of employee retention and loyalty within the company as we continue to grow and scale up our operations across the UK.

Supporting The Community

We understand that our builds can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on the local area and community. We are committed to ensuring our projects deliver positive change which is why we take our corporate responsibility seriously. From inception through to completion, we are constantly striving to reduce carbon footprint and embrace sustainable methods by building off-site using our Shrewsbury-based factory. This controlled environment helps to minimise waste and disruption to others.

Darwin Group is a British company and is owned wholly in the UK. All of our manufacturing and construction processes are carried out in the Midlands and as we continue to grow, we understand how important it is to support our local and national supply chains. Some of the current causes we are proud to support are: