As a Governor, we appreciate that supporting the Head Teacher running the school amounts to being accountable to parents and the community on more than just budget. Providing a strategic view for the school, establishing a vision and setting the purpose and aims for the school are vitally important, and ensuring that the environment enables this through the provision of quality, value for money facilities is vital.

Governors meeting

By partnering with Darwin Group, you will get in depth support from the very first day ranging from intelligent financial and funding solutions to help you work to your budget, providing material and assistance for presentations to fellow Governors and Stakeholders, complete design and planning services. We regularly attend assemblies, open evenings and public meetings to explain the building process and project design to raise the interest and support of the surrounding community.

Why Darwin Group:

  • We will establish a clear and accountable financial management plan with no hidden costs, and advise on how to minimise risk and mitigate unknowns
  • We are committed to providing sustainable solutions that are attractive and add real benefit to the school and local community
  • We provide a tangible improvement to the school through state of the art construction that is durable and intelligent
  • We are aware of the impact on the environment, and by using offsite techniques blended with traditional construction, we minimise the amount of materials and machinery on site whilst maximising quality and longevity
  • We always ensure a safe environment for the staff and pupils during the build process with effective communication at every stage from a minimum of one full time site manager and a dedicated project manager to attend progress meetings

The value of school governance is an essential contribution to the effective running of the school and, when partnering with Darwin Group Ltd, there is a genuine appreciation of the role that the Governor plays.